365 Day Tumblr Challenge: Day 3

What you think your reason for being here is.

I think my reason for being here is simple. People need my sense of humor, i brighten up everyone’s day someway or another. I feel like i have the ability and words to possibly change the world. i just am not good with public speaking and i don’t think people really care about the issues in this world. Do not people understand that some people are dying of hunger? they say that there isn’t enough food in this world to feed everyone. but thats all a lie.. most families buy Too Much food and how is it that 32.2% of adults suffer from obesity (that’s almost 90 million) and that another 30% of americans are just simply over weight.. and thats JUST america.. imagine the rest of the world.. if everyone ate a good proportion.. there would be no “hungry” people.. but we all don’t live in a perfect world.. and i guess we need hungry people to realize how good we have it.

Then again there’s about 925 million hungry people in the whole world… and thats a lot of starving people.. Maybe society is right about how there isn’t enough food in this world..

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